“Left Out on the Information Highway”

“Left Out on the Information Highway”

“Left Out on the Information Highway.” Oregon Law Review 75: 237-247.

Abstract: As a law professor with a background in anthropology – or an intellectual property specialist with an ethnographic sensibility – I confess a certain discomfort as a traveler on the “information highway.” Who and what gets left out on the information highway are issues that must be addressed. However, in my own characteristic fashion I want to move beyond the internal logic of the structure of the discourse and its indeterminacy and ask some questions about its cultural content and its deployment. It does not seem that the left, out on the information highway, is particularly interested in protecting the expressive interests of others. To the extent that postmodernity is at least partially about how the world dreams itself American, those of us left, out on the information highway, might ask how we can create and protect spaces for political dissent in an information era, and how we might work to encourage the creative cultural work that must invariably accompany any progressive social transformation.


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Date Published: 1996
Publisher: Oregon Law Review
Publisher Website: https://law.uoregon.edu/explore/OLR