CMCT 7000: Perspectives in Communication and Culture

CMCT 7000: Perspectives in Communication and Culture


CMCT 7000 3.0 credits

After consultations with students, it was decided to make this course an opportunity to read key texts, to cover canonical concepts by way of refreshing students for their comprehensives, and to introduce concepts not generally covered in the existing graduate curriculum. The course is NOT meant to cover material already covered in the MA core and foundations courses and students are expected to have taken those courses before this if they don’t have a background that has introduced them to this material. Although the MA core courses may differ between instructors, I would suggest that students look at the table of contents of Meenakshi Gigi Durham and Doug Kelner, Media and Cultural Studies: Key Works (Revised Edition, Blackwell, 2006) and re/read any of those essays that they haven’t otherwise read as a way of getting up to speed. Colin Mooers is using this book as the core text in his Cultural Studies course this semester. Any student who has NOT got a background in communication or cultural studies should have been encouraged to take the MA core course (s) as a prerequisite to this course.

The field of communication and cultural studies is too large to be ‘covered’ in a single course; for this reason, topics of potential interest to doctoral students have been identified as possible ‘modules’ in the later part of the course and will be selected according to student preference.

Course Number: CMCT7000
Field: Communication & Culture
School: York University
Date Published: January 16, 2008